Datejust is the classic and traditional series of Rolex replica watches

The Datejust is the classic and traditional line of Rolex watches. If in 2020, Rolex excited the public by releasing two good news in a row, one related to the Submariner dive replica watches uk, the other to the Oyster Perpetual, then this year, the name the company focuses on is Datejust, next to Explorer .

Replica Rolex used to offer watches with natural dials such as the burr dial in the 1970s and 1980s on the model 18038, or the zebra dial in the Day-Date collection. This year, nature is in the favor of the Rolex brand and appears in its 1945 collection ¨C the Datejust.

Specifically, a new texture appeared on Rolex watches called ˇ°Palm dialˇ±, simulated into delicate but always sharp palm leaves. on the model Datejust 126233.

A tropical plant, the Palm Dial replica Rolex is a breath of fresh air in the modern Rolex replica watch list. The dark, light leaves on the dial are the result of applying modern manufacturing technology from the world's largest manufacturer. The combination of ray brushing and sandblasting results in a bold, light, and deep dial on the Rolex Datejust 126233.

This year, Hublot launches a new SORAI replica watch in a deep blue color, representing the richness of forests or grasslands, where rhinos can freely immerse themselves in play.

The watch's deep blue color comes from Hublot's forte: ceramic. The whole replica Rolex is very eye-catching when standing in bright sunlight while the dial shows off the manufacturer's own "gossip" when appearing in a strong skeleton style.